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Dance and the life/art process:

Dance and art created from life:

The body doesn’t lie. She is a very intelligent partner and ally on our path to life. As we listen to the body language and learn to understand her expression, the body as a whole of movement, sensory awareness, feelings and intuition, shows us an immediate path to ourselves. There is unconscious and for our development and healing crucial information slumbering in the depths of our body.
Understanding the body as a whole entity and as a partner for dialogue, there’s a rich inner world which opens itself to us. Movement and dance, its artistic form, as well as visualizations and creative writing, support this process and make our needs, dreams and quests visible and tangible for us.
Dance and the life/art process is a method which unifies our life story with artistic expression. It offers creative tools and pathways for exploration and expression of our experiences. With that it supports us to understand our story and integrate it in our very own individual fashion.
As we explore and thus intensify our life experience in a creatice way, our artistic expression deepens and expands. The art/dance space transforms into a lively environment where authentic art is forged from the depth of the self – a space which invites the soul to dance!

By appointement:

Private Yoga instruction and
dance / movement / expressive
arts therapy upon request.


New York, NY, Zürich

Energy Yoga

Thea’s Energy Yoga (based upon Rasa, Kripalu, VinyasaYoga) offers a blend of dynamic and deep Yoga Asana and flows, intense stretches and enlivening Pranayama (breath work).
This class promotes an unfolding inner and outer flexibility and strength. Thea brings her experience in bodywork and a passion for Contact / Partner Yoga, as well as a longstanding meditation / creative visualization practice to this well-rounded Yoga work-out, which holds the potential to release
stress and simultaneously increase overall good health.
Practicing Yoga regularly, creates a sense of balance in body, mind and soul; it is “meditation in motion”, a space to enjoy and rest at the core of ones’ being. Energy Yoga builds a calm mind in a strong and comfortable body. Everyone is welcome!

Selfportrait – dance

Movement based Expressive Arts Therapy
with Thea Frey, MA

dance + movement, drawing and creative visualizations, creative writing, poetry and sharing; around the quest:

Who am I now?
Where am I coming from?
Where am I going?

In the Selfportrait - Dance and movement improvisation, creative visualizations and drawings, creative writing, poetry and sharing, we will explore playful pathways to express our personal story around the above questions in a holistic way:
We will tune into the body-mind, listen to our movement language and integrate our feelings, images, dreams and fantasies.
The class begins with an opening ritual around the questions: Who am I now? Where am I coming from? Where am I going? – which is followed by an improvisational dance warm-up and  thereafter by explorations of our own authentique movement expression in response to the given theme.
Next we will engage in a drawing and creative visualization process, accessing our imagery and fantasies. These spontaneous creations of our inner landscape then again will serve us as scores for our dances of the theme of the class.
After enacting and embodying the images in dance, we find a quiet space for creative writing and poetry which will allow deeper understanding and inte­gration of our discoveries for our lifes.
Finally the class engages in a structured group-sharing ritual and closure circle.
The goal of the entire workshop is the creation of a life-size image, the actual selfportrait, which will be enacted and embodied in a danceperformance ritual.
The group is facilitated with experience and a creative spirit.

Summer – retreat in the mountains of Switzerland
Alpe Doro, Ticino, Switzerland
Movement based Expressive Arts Therapy applied to a natural environment.

Unless you find your animal or bush soul, you
never find a sense of peace and completion.”

by C.G. Jung

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